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Australia Day 2008 in Sydney
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When was Austrailia Day ?
23/Jul/08 12:50 AM
 |  |
Good question Joe; I don't know either. Great shot Ian I would love to have been there for that special day.
23/Jul/08 1:45 AM
 |  |

Wow, what a magnificent flag! Is it being towed by a plane -- I can't quite make it out. Magnificent sky and water too -- lovely photo. Whose is it?
23/Jul/08 1:50 AM
 |  |

Kath, how do you know it's Ian's photo?
23/Jul/08 1:51 AM
 |  |

I'm with you Judy - so many good photograhers downunder!
23/Jul/08 5:01 AM
 |  |
I think this site has many wonderful photographers. It is like a travelogue to visit here. Love it! Yes, wonderful shot!
23/Jul/08 5:25 AM
 |  |

Australia Day is 26 January (the day that Governor Phillip landed on Australian shore)and is celebrated like your Independence Day. This also explains the photo from the other day
23/Jul/08 6:02 AM
 |  |

Hi everyone. Great photo!
23/Jul/08 7:22 AM
 |  |

Sydney Harbour must put on spectacular displays. So this is the flag and helicopter from a few days ago.
23/Jul/08 7:49 AM
 |  |
Yes, it's my husband's photo again - taken on the same day (Australia Day 26th January) as the other photo of the helicopter with the flag which was on the medium late last week. Hubby's name is not Ian - though my father's is! Not Sudoku Ian though - though they both have a long history with aircraft and would probably find a lot to talk about!
23/Jul/08 8:01 AM
 |  |

I would just like to be out on the water there.
23/Jul/08 9:00 AM
 |  |

Great pic Kate's hubby!!
23/Jul/08 9:51 AM
 |  |

Hi Kate (Lane Cove) I thought it was your photo (husband's). Great photo! I won't mind being in Sydney on the 26th January. Maybe next year!
23/Jul/08 10:59 AM
 |  |
I hope the weather is just as nice next year then! Unlike today - which is really chilly!
23/Jul/08 12:10 PM
 |  |

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! oy, oy, oy.
23/Jul/08 1:58 PM
 |  |

One of you Aussies, tell us about the flag?
23/Jul/08 3:06 PM
 |  |

Hi Judy, our flag is based on the Blue Ensign (a blue background with the Union Jack - British Flag because we were founded by Britain, same as Hawaii's State flag - in the upper left quarter). It has the stars of the Southern Cross to the right, and below the Union Jack is a large seven-pointed star representing the six States and one point for the territories.
23/Jul/08 5:33 PM
 |  |

Another beautiful Aussie summer day.
23/Jul/08 6:17 PM
 |  |

It's a beautiful flag. That must have been quite a day, and a beautiful one weatherwise too.
23/Jul/08 8:15 PM
 |  |
Ah.. Australia Day on Sydney Harbour - I miss that now that I live in Brisbane !
Beautiful city, beautiful flat and generally always a beautiful day, probably because it is in the middle of summer.
23/Jul/08 11:14 PM
 |  |
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