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Where do these photos come from?
The photos that appear on this site have been submitted by the visitors to Sudoku.com.au. By visiting that site, you can submit photos, and have them appear here for everyone to see.
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Still looking for more puzzles? Try online Sliding Puzzles which is great fun with other peoples photos or your own.

About JigsawOnline.net

JigsawOnline.net has been online since 2004 and is pretty much the same today as it was back then (for better or worse!). I (Garth Adams) coded the site as a fun way to use the great pictures that were being submitted on sudoku.com.au. I never would have guessed that doing jigsaws online would be as much fun as doing them on your kitchen table, but you really do get the same feeling of satisfaction as you start putting it all together & finally put the last piece in place.

A big thank you goes out to the community that has formed around the site, providing witty commentary on the pictures & a friendly atmosphere. Hopefully you have all got to see some photos that you have submitted.

Since 2007 most of my attention has shifted to I Want That Flight which is a 'flights meta-search' site. It compares airfares between the airlines and other travel agencies to show you who has the cheapest (and most convenient) flights. Check it out, and I hope it saves you some money :)

I have also taken part in a few interviews, the most recent being with Jaryd Krause over at Buying Online Businesses.