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Freq. Asked Questions
Where do these photos come from?
The photos that appear on this site have been submitted by the visitors to Sudoku.com.au. By visiting that site, you can submit photos, and have them appear here for everyone to see.
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If you like this site, then we would love you to have one of our links. The code is;
<a href='http://jigsawonline.net'> Jigsaw Online</a> - Free online Jigsaw Puzzles
Other Puzzles
Still looking for more puzzles? Try online Sliding Puzzles which is great fun with other peoples photos or your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a picture?
Pictures are submitted over at sudoku.com.au, and after a while they are shown here. You can Submit them here.

I can't fit the jigsaw on my screen, what can I do?
The jigsaw board will resize depending on how big your browser window is. Just maximise your browser window so that it takes up your entire monitor, and the jigsaw should be completely visible.

I need to get in contact with you, what is your email address?
You can send an email to info@jigsawonline.net

That is pretty cool, can I come visit?
Sure! Just grab some flights to Melbourne and come on down :)