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Looks like someone is getting wet 'on accident' as my daughter used to say. Is that a cell phone on her belt loop?
 |  |
That looks nice and refreshing.
 |  |
John, it looks like her sunglasses hooked into her waistband.
 |  |
It looks like a camera.
 |  |
Fun in the water!!!
 |  |
Good MAEN all! Looks like a cell phone when you zoom in -- hope not. Sure looks inviting, though, doesn't it.
 |  |
I don't need to go into the water...we have just had another rain storm...every day for a week, and, I mean a good hard rain. Makes things a bit cooler though.
 |  |
A hint of things to come? Summer for us in the Southern Hemisphere.
 |  |
Looks like a folding phone that's flipped open! Guess she won't get any more calls!!!
 |  |
I hope so Dino, yesterday was glorious here! Roll on summer!!!
 |  |
Pat, bless your hearts, you surely don't need any rain or flooding or even a hint of such a thing. Will keep sending good thoughts your way. When does summer start dino and bluey -- I thought you were still having spring? Lucky, lucky!
 |  |
Yes, Judy, it is early spring down under and the weather is just beautiful. 21.1 C at the moment.
 |  |
Well, do have a lovely spring, Maureen! It's my favorite season -- everything all newly green and budding out. Delightful.
 |  |
I'm loving spring too! This picture makes me wish it was summer though, i can't wait!
I think those are sunglasses hanging from her belt loop, i used to have odd-shaped sunglasses that looked exactly like that, but purple!
Have a good day/night everyone.
 |  |
 |  |
Makes summer look soooo far away with it snowing here to night and expecting 5 to 6'', and I hate snow. I just don't get out when it snows. But this beach picture is just great, just wish I could trade places with who ever that is in the picture. 03/07/08 Friday
 |  |

I wish I could trade bodies with the lady in the photo!
15/May/08 5:12 PM
 |  |

You and me both, Kay. Oh, for those days.
23/May/08 1:02 PM
 |  |
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