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Sitting' pretty
 |  |
A mourning dove? Hello from PA to PA! Where are all the Aussies?
 |  |
sleeping in it's Saturday
 |  |

A Lovely Dove,where,s it,s mate?
 |  |
One of the few times I complete the middle first! During nest-building, the female mourning dove stays at the nest and the male collects sticks. He stands on her back (ouch!) to give her the nest material. She takes it and weaves it into the nest. Maybe that's why the nests are so poorly built!
The Mourning Dove almost invariably lays two eggs.
 |  |
And don't they search within a certain distance from the nesting site? This s a great picutre.
 |  |
I think they are also the only (?) bird that can drink without lifting its head to let the water run down its throat ...
 |  |
First picture of this dove I've seen. I thought they were lighter in color.
 |  |
Happy Australia Day to all
 |  |
We Aussies are here, don't you worry about that but some of us are lurkers and don't often comment. It doesn't mean we don't have to have our puzzle fix each day.
 |  |
Hello Big Red - perhaps the Assies are missing because it is December/January, our beautiful summer months. We have Christmas and New Year, and today is Australia Day, so most perople are on holidays during this period. Life settles down again come February. Usually February is the month of More...
 |  |
Up here we know it's getting into spring\summer when the dove start their cooing which can go on for quite some time.
 |  |
Jenny, do you really call yourselves Assies?
 |  |
Nice photo Sue.
 |  |
oh thought it might have been a wood duck
 |  |
Have to work today of all days. Happy Australia Day to all fellow Aussies....
 |  |
I've got some nearly white doves that comes to my feeders they look like the have pink eyes soooo pretty. Fun puzzle. January 25, 08
 |  |
Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies. This one would make a great hard.
 |  |
 |  |
 |  |
 |  |
Happy Australia Day to all. Judy i live near Mt Sugarloaf NSW and My daughter pony club is Mt Sugarloaf. didnt realise there was a sugarloaf creak in Vic, I know there is a property near tamworth called sugarloaf..... happy birthday Dad, I know your watching over miss u every day
 |  |

Sue takes great photos, interesting subjects and good resolution. This is the first photo of a mourning dove in the wild that I've seen -- very pretty bird.
11/May/08 3:14 PM
 |  |
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