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Hello Kevin - that's a big parcel you've got there!
 |  |
Anne/Albany, how is Kevin related to you?
 |  |
That is the one thing I miss about not having xmas at my house. (But don't tell my kids).
 |  |
John - Kevin isn't related to me. I just know it's Kevin, Wagdy's grandson.
 |  |
I love the look of curiousity on Kevin's face.
 |  |
What an adorable little boy. This is what Christmas is all about plus its religous aspect.
 |  |
Cute little boy!
 |  |
Hello Kevin
 |  |
Wagdy Kamel from Cairo, Egypt celebrates Christmas? Perhaps his family in California does.
 |  |
Merry Christmas, Kevin, I hope that gift if just the first of many for you.
 |  |
Many people in Egypt celebrate Christmas, DotCom! Remember all those puctures of churches?
 |  |
I looked up Christmas in Egypt, DotCom, and found there are some Egyptians who celebrate. http://touregypt.net/featurestories/christmas.htm
Not that I am speaking for Wagdy, of course. At any rate, Kevin Kamel is one cute kid! Have a happy day, everybody!
 |  |
It may be a Ramadan present.
 |  |
'Back to live' I mean my Computer.
Hi Everyone.
DotCom;I was expect you to send my your greetings of Christmas instead of asking if I celebrate Christmas?Iam as you DotCom-If you are-Christian or Egyptian Coptic and sure We celebrate the Christmas as all of you do.Unless you believe that More...
 |  |
Merry Christmas to you too Wagdy.
 |  |
Hello Kevin.
Appologise to let you wait until I made my comment to DotCom.
I miss you too much.Hope You a Merry Christmas .
Merry Christas to You as My Grand Son and as American Citizen.

Nice time to all of you.
 |  |
Since the world is becomming smaller every day it probably won't be many generations until there is just one earthling made up of a combination of all the races and religions, he'll probably speak English and be amune to all the diseases we have today. What do you think?
 |  |
I have no comment!!!!!!
 |  |
Wagby, your grandson is adorable. It bet he rules the roost! What is amune??? Your city is beautiful and each of your photos amaze me. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Chirstmas.
 |  |
my goodness the present is a big as the receiver!!
 |  |
Splendid concentration on Kevin's face.
 |  |
 |  |
ntd, I think Dotcom means immune! Some people just write the way they talk. If I wrote the way I talked, you probably wouldn't understand me either.
07/Oct/08 1:22 PM
 |  |
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