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That is quite a lizard! I'm glad our local ones are very timy!
 |  |
Maybe it's a baby croc?
 |  |
Is that lizard blue? He (or is it a she) is pretty but not my idea of a pet.
 |  |
Oh, a lizard, I was wondering what it was at first.
 |  |
blue, girl, boy, whatever!!! Not my favorite subject, in fact, it is almost at the bottom of the list.
 |  |
I don't want them as pets, but I love having lizards around because they eat ants, spiders and other insects that I don't want around.
 |  |
Is it a lizard? Maybe Sharon's right & it's a crocodile. Looks like water under the tree! Its back & tail look very crocodilian!
 |  |
I like that word 'crocodilian' Kate, and agree with you. It is hard to estimate the size of the creature without having anything to put it in perspective.
 |  |
This is a 'teenage' gator. It was about two feet long (0.61 meter +/-) It was dark gray in color but it reflected a lot of blue - Sorry!
You can even see blue tint in its reflection on the water!
 |  |
I'll take crocodilian.....they all bite. : )
 |  |
i was told that the little gators loose the stripes on their tails when they grow up.
True ????
 |  |
Funny, just finished a set of iron stairs here and find everyone talking about a lizard!!
 |  |
12/23/07 spiral stairs
 |  |
Oh good. I had a spiral staircase too. Wondered if it was a new species of gator. Now adays you never know. 19/02/2008
 |  |
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