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white calla lily
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Hi everyone. I'mmmmmm back.
 |  |
Hello Deidre. Nice to see you back and beating me to the puzzles.
a good old arum lilly if I'm correct. We had them around our house when we were kids and we used to pull the centre out. cruel children we were.
 |  |
Yes, we did that too. Unfortunately I found out later that Arum lillies are often used as funeral flowers.
 |  |
Good morning Anne and Deidre. Just catching up. Got stuck on the sudoku puzzles.
 |  |
Morning Anne & Deidre, did you know that all parts of this plant are extremely poisonous, especially the spadix (centre bit)?! Probably why they are associated with funerals!
Morning CG, having a good puzzling day?
 |  |
Good morning all. These lillies are considered a pest and in the southern part of WA they are being destroyed and I believe it is now illegal to plant them. I personally think they're beautiful but they clog the waterways.
Hope you all have a great start to the working week. I'm about to set off on my daily 10km bike ride. Ugh!!!!
 |  |
I love lillies of all kinds. I wanted these at my wedding, but my Nanna was horrified. It was then I found out that they were considered funeral flowers.
 |  |
Well all five of my boarders leave this week to go home to Ireland,Norway, Canada and Hong Kong.They have finished their Uni exams and thesis', if that's how you spell it.I am really going to miss them and their friends.God speed to them all and all my love and best wishes.
 |  |
I had Arum lilies, hundreds of them, at my wedding.We were married for over 40 years so they can't have been too deadly!!
 |  |
My grandma grew those and let me cut them up on her wooden kitchen table as 'pretend' vegatables. I put the pieces on her saucers as 'dinner platse.' The centres made great pretend 'carrots'. They could't be too poisonous, as we rinsed off the plates and knife and used them shortly after. The wooden table was like a giant cutting board which we simply wiped down. There was no cloth on it!!!!! :)
 |  |
Out here we call them calla lilies. My daughter-in-law had them in her wedding bouquet! They were a favorite of my grandfather.
 |  |
Hi all, the house I grew up in also had a patch of these Arum Lillies up the back, where there was a underground stream. I use to love them myself & was quite surprised when my mother told me they were funeral flowers. That probably explains why she use to pull them all out occasionally - only to have them grow back.
 |  |
22nd Feb 07
 |  |
First Arum lilies, then Calla lilies, next Richardias but now they're Zantedeschias! 14th Mar'07
 |  |
 |  |
Beautiful flower and good picture. 02/20/08 Wed.
 |  |
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