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Avebury England
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Its a log time since I visited here, must be 30 years but stirred up memories
 |  |
My auntie lives very close to Avebury and I've been there on one of my visits to here about 3 years ago.
Hello GannieMo, I'm now home safe and sound after a 2hr plane journey and a 4hr drive back to Albany. I have my oldest grand daughter Kirilee with me.
 |  |
Happy New Year to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. Beautiful picture.
Welcome home Anne.
 |  |
Thanks Eileen
 |  |
Good morning to all. Welcome home Anne. Mo, how did your new year's feast go? Beautiful picture. It always means more if you've actually seen what the picture shows.
 |  |
Happy New Year to all.........I must say that I am glad that it is over and I can get back to normal....some peace and quiet. Still have dinner to make, though, must get to my black eyed peas.
 |  |
Wonderful picture. I love all of the old buildings in England.
 |  |
Happy new year all.

Forgive my ignorance, but isn't this supposedly where King Arthur is buried according to one version of the legend?
 |  |
Had a lovely visit to Avebury a few years ago. Stone formations are very interesting
 |  |
Happy New Year all. We have had the coolest Dec in 180+ years. Has been a great summer so far. Good that you are back safe and sound Anne. I had a 4 hour drive up to Bundaberg and back to see my 90 yr old mum. My son drove so that was good. Eldest granddaughter who is 10 came too. How old is Kirilee?
 |  |
Morning Greg, New Year went well thanks. We're now waiting on a cyclone. It's not been named yet but they're expecting it to reach here tomorrow so it's very fast moving, still nearly 900km away. Anne's lucky to have gone south at the right time. I don't think this one will get very strong though More...
 |  |
Avebury is like Stonehenge in that it has a circle of standing stones. Arthur died in the Battle of Camlann, (somewhere near where he received Excalibur from memory) and was taken to Avalon to be cared for by 'the Lady' and her compatriots..some say he was healed of his wounds and will return (as will Merlin, for interest). Does that clear things up Debbie?
 |  |
I'm wishing a lot of rain in the new year of 2007 for all of you in Australia. Oh and good health and happiness and peace to us all over the world.
 |  |
Good afternoon all and welcome 2007!!! Thanks for the explanation Janet, and glad yo see you home Anne!!

We've had some much needed rain here and now the dog is ready for a walk!!
 |  |
Hello again everyone.
Mo - do you live up near Broome or thereabouts. You may have said recently when I asked but with going away I haven't had time to check the comments very much.
Jackie - Kirilee is 9 1/2 (10 in May)
 |  |
That looks like a lovely place - when I was in England a few years ago we went to Glastonbury, and there is a ruined abbey there where the supposed remains of Arthur and Guinevere are.
Happy New Year to all the jigsaw fanatics!!
 |  |
I was here in 1994! Were the dog headstones still standing when this picture was taken? 27th Feb 07
 |  |
22nd Mar 07
 |  |
All the archive puzzles have pieces TOO BIG for the window, making it impossible to complete them. I am using Windows Vista. I have enjoyed the puzzles very much and hope you can fix this.
 |  |
sorry. You can reach me at pse859oh@yahoo.com
 |  |
 |  |

What a lovely old church and church yard.
11/Apr/08 9:02 PM
 |  |
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