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Good Maen
This is a nice clean street, it is not a street from Texas that I know of. There are no construction signs.
Whose is it?
 |  |
Where is this? The cars are on the wrong side of the road to be in England.
 |  |
Karen, I think you sent your flooding rains this way this morning! This looks like a nice old neighborhood.
 |  |
I guess we are somewhere in Europe tonight. Pic goes well with listening to Claudio Arrau playing Beethoven
 |  |
Libby I hope they are needed rains and not go to the extent they did here.

I have either a problem or a blessing. My husband informed me last night that he will be off today. I thought at the time 'great' spending time together during the week would be a good thing.
Well, I was wrong. He has only been up for an hour and the man has touched my desk! Not a good thing.
 |  |
Karen, where is Riesel? Guess most of east / north Tx is getting lots of rain.
 |  |
Candace I am in Central Texas almost in the heart of it.
Waco is the closest big city. The last thing that I can think of to put us in world wide news happened in the 80's, with David Kruesh (I am not forsure I spelt his name right).
Though we are still getting some rain, I think the worst More...
 |  |
I may be wrong, but, that looks like a street in Ireland. Nice. As for rain, this is the first day that I can remember in a week or so that we haven't had rain...but...it is so hot, I rather wish we were back to the rain.
 |  |
Karen/Riesel, yesterday you asked for a copy of the book I had written about my travels. Well, I'm afraid that it is not finished (four years after the event)! Bear in mind that this is only the tale of our 'Round the World in 64 Days' trip, not of all the adventures I had during my time in the More...
 |  |
It's in Belgium. Sue/OK submitted another one on Tuesday this week. It was the Tough Sudoku puzzle! Karen I sympathize with you. My husband didn't leave for work today till nearly 9am (he's usually away between 6 & 7am) so I couldn't use the computer because he was on it! I can't complain though because it is his & he was working! So I hung out my son's washing for him & did a few chores!
 |  |
Thanks Karen, I have been reading your comments for several months. I know Waco well, I graduated from Baylor in the late '70s, School of Nursing, long before David Kuresh (isn't it good not to know how to spell his name?) made it famous. Home of the Texas Rangers I recall.
 |  |
That is so cool Candace, that you actually know of what I am talking about. Though Waco has changed a lot since the 70's. You would have thought we would be known for something other than that horrible time 20 years ago, but I cannot think of anything that others may have heard about.
 |  |
Ian, if I told you I was holding my breath would you finish your book. I have been talking about you to my step-father, of course he has adventures too, which I had no idea...My mind went blank, I was going to tell one of his stories but the lights went off upstairs.
My husband asked if you had anymore pictures. He actually sat with me this morning looking at what you see and enjoyed it.
 |  |
Kate thank you for your sympathies. I really thought his being home was going to drive me crazy today. But after he rearranged everything on my desk--which is a bad thing--he took Girlie-girl and they spent the majority of the day outside. Yeah! I got do a little house cleaning, I was able to fix More...
 |  |
Hi Karen, please don't forget to breathe, I'd hate for anything to happen to you on my account. I'll see what I can do.
You can tell your husband that I have lots more pictures, some good and some fairly ordinary. Generally I select the best or more interesting of them, process them and keep More...
 |  |
Veru intereing street
 |  |
Ian I just received your email requesting on how to get to my Flickr pictures. Well, I don't know. I am uploading more of my wonderful subject at the moment so I cannot get the address. Maybe go to Flickr and type in Karen Koliha maybe they will come up then. As far as the pictures being on Sudoku More...
 |  |
Ian I am so sorry, this last set took forever to upload, I think I aged during that time. Anyway see if this helps you find me.

 |  |
That is a wonderful looking street. Love the photos of buildings and houses (can't seem to get enough, since that is what I do for a living-photograph houses)
 |  |
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 |  |
 |  |
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